Moonchild Sanelly on twerk-selfies with Beyoncé & the origins of her blue hair

Moonchid gets real in a game of "True or False". Image: STEVE TANCHEL
Moonchid gets real in a game of "True or False". Image: STEVE TANCHEL

Gqom sensation and feminist Moonchild has premiered her much-awaited reality show where she give her fans more insight into what her life looks behind the scenes. 

The MTV special titled, Moonchild Sanelly Woza, sees the star revealing more than what her fans expected her to. 

From her sexuality status to intimate moments with her girlfriend, Moonchild seems to not be holding back about her personal life in front of the camera.

“I'm so excited about my show. You've probably seen a lot of others and may think mine will have a similar approach, but remember this: you can see a lot of stars, but there's only one moon,” the excited singer said ahead of the premiere of her reality series. 

While fans can see a lot from the star's show, we took a moment to ask her to clarify some burning questions in a game of true or false.

Your name “Moonchild Sanelly” was created when you were studying fashion design?

"True. It made sense to me. It has a lot to do with my late mother, and how the moon affects me."

You once bumped upon a mop, decided to dye it blue and then created the character we all now know as Moonchild Sanelly?

"False. My hairdo started off as smaller braids with wool, then they got bigger and bigger as my success did, ayeee!"

Your music career was largely influenced by your brother who was a hip-hop rapper, mother who was a singer and cousins who were Kwaito dancers?

"True. I guess talent runs in the family."

You grew up performing at shows that your mother organised?

"Absolutely, true. Her doing that really helped me find my own ways to express myself, and it kept me away from trouble."

Your style is best described as poetry meets hip-hop?

"False. I call it future ghetto funk."

You once fell on your face while performing on stage?

"False. I'm fearless. I don't fear anything."

With a fashion design background, you’re a fashion designer at heart?

"False. I'm a creator at heart."

You fainted when you first saw Beyoncé?

"False. We took twerk-pose selfies!"

You have Beyoncé’s number in your phone?

"No comment, have you not heard about her NDA? Lol!"

Mzansi is going to see you without your blue hair on your reality show?

"All I can say is that people must just tune in and see whether or not they'll see me with my wig off."