Golden rules for attending your office Christmas party

Golden rules for attending your office Christmas party.
Golden rules for attending your office Christmas party.
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The end of the year brings an intense amount of work and excitement because the working year is coming to a close. It also comes with office parties‚ which are fun — and a bit of a social minefield.

Don’t let that keep you from having the good time you deserve after the hard work you put in throughout the year‚ though. Follow these tips:


Office parties create a space for conversations that‚ for once‚ don’t have to revolve around the job. Take the opportunity to get to know the people you work with in a more relaxed setting.

That said‚ don’t let liquor loosen your tongue‚ for example insisting on interrogating your colleague about their bonuses. The memory of these conversations can cause tension when everyone is sober and back behind their desks.

Whatever the temptation‚ do not bad-mouth your fellow staffers‚ bosses or the company. You could regret this back at the office.


If you're feeling frisky‚ make sure you don’t hook up with someone in your immediate department. That way‚ if don’t really remember what happened‚ you won’t have to face the embarrassment of seeing them at the photocopier the next day.

Whatever you do‚ do not become the subject of the office scandal talk by making moves on your colleagues’ partners.

3. LET DOWN YOUR HAIR — BUT NOT TOO MUCH Get out your sexiest little black dress or suit and wow your colleagues with the body that might usually be hidden by sombre work attire but don’t overdo it.

“Remember that this is a professional work event and even though it may be more relaxed than a day in the office‚ you should dress appropriately. Clothes that are too revealing‚ too loud or too sloppy are all no-no’s‚” says career advice website Pnet.

Source: TMG Digital.