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Roadtrippers celebrates 10 years on the road

Travellers in Cape Town, one of the most popular local destinations for Roadtrippers Stokvel
Travellers in Cape Town, one of the most popular local destinations for Roadtrippers Stokvel

Roadtrippers Stokvel was formed in 2012 with the purpose of encouraging travel and making it more accessible.

What started out as three trips annually around Southern Africa has since grown to at least five trips by different groups per month covering 30 local and international destinations.

Indeed, going on holiday is a beautiful, beneficial and worthwhile experience. You get to learn and broaden your horizons as you explore some of the world’s most historical destinations. It is also an opportunity to simply partake in the art of leisure with good company.

After relaxing and quenching your wanderlust, you’re likely to return as a happier and more recharged you. However, travelling can also be quite costly, resulting in many being unable to travel. To attend to this challenge, Roadtrippers Stokvel presents a solution.

“Not everyone can afford to pay huge sums of money at one time. Our solution to the problem was to come up with a stokvel and payment plans where people can get the chance to travel the world without breaking the bank,” said Sumo Naicker, who is the founder of the stokvel.

The stokvel presents individuals and groups of hopeful travellers with the opportunity to save up for a trip to their most sought-after destination. Trips are thoughtfully planned with itineraries that offer unforgettable experiences.

“We have some travel experts available and they can advise on the different destinations we have and finding the best kind of holiday.

“After choosing your trip, you’re able to make a deposit to secure your space and pay off the remainder of the amount in instalments,” explained Naicker. 

The founder also added that monthly payments start from as little as R500 and that final documentation, which includes pickup points, an itinerary and all information about the trip, is sent out 45 days before departure. Additionally, a WhatsApp group is created closer to the trip date to ensure smooth communication.

“Our host or trip manager then takes over to ensure that travellers are well taken care of and that things such as pickup times are met. After the trip, we chat to the travellers and get feedback on their trip based on their experience.”

Some of the most popular local destinations for Roadtrippers include Cape Town and Mpumalanga, while Zanzibar and Mozambique are international favourites. In the next six months, Roadtrippers has a minimum of 2,000 people expected to travel to different destinations.

“Depending on the destination, we have cut-off numbers for each trip. For Zanzibar, we take 120 people. For Namibia we take 50, while Thailand, Bali and Brazil are all around 60. That’s how we manage the number of people per destination and plan ahead,” clarified Naicker.  

In the decade of its existence, Roadtrippers Stokvel has seen various successes. These include moving from three trips annually to a minimum of five trips per month.

The stokvel has also experienced its fair share of challenges. These include the Covid-19 pandemic, which came with lockdowns and travel bans. Moreover, while growth is good, it has also come with the challenge of being responsible for more travellers, thus requiring more effort from an operational point of view.

In the near future, Roadtrippers aims to explore more destinations, enabling ordinary South Africans to quench their wanderlust, explore hidden gems and make lifelong memories.

“We are looking at other destinations like Kenya and Botswana. We’re extending as we go along. As the world continues to open up, we will open up more,” Naicker said.

An all-white beach party hosted by Roadtrippers Stokvel for its travellers in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique earlier this year
An all-white beach party hosted by Roadtrippers Stokvel for its travellers in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique earlier this year

Before you pack your bags...

Though the opportunity to jet off to your dream destination may be a fantasy fulfilled, there is plenty to consider before you join a travel stokvel, shop for Insta-worthy holiday outfits or even pack your bags. According to Roadtrippers Stokvel, these are a few important points to consider.

  • Pricing

If you’re being offered a trip to your dream destination at an unrealistically cheap price, it is most likely a scam. While there is no harm in chasing a good bargain, it’s best to do your research and make sure the price is realistic.

  • Due diligence

Take time out to check up on the “little things”. For example, the account to which money is deposited ought to be the stokvel’s business account. Since travel stokvels are mostly digital, that particular stokvel also needs to have a trustworthy online presence.

  • Reviews

Look into the reviews of that particular stokvel. Has anybody travelled with them before and how was their experience?

What’s your idea of a holiday?

Would you like to be in tourist mode and visit various historic sites? Are you looking for adventure? Or would you simply like to disconnect and rest? Having a clear idea of the kind of holiday you’re looking for will help you get the most out of your trip. It also allows the travel stokvel that you join to grant you a memorable experience.

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