‘Skinfluencer’ Mpoomy Ledwaba on living true in her own skin

‘Skinfluencer’ and content creator Mpoomy Ledwaba.
‘Skinfluencer’ and content creator Mpoomy Ledwaba.
Image: Supplied.

Mpoomy Ledwaba is breaking all stereotypes imposed on women by living loudly in her imperfections.

The 27-year-old, married to Brenden Praise from Idols SA, has embarked on a skin journey as one of Nivea’s Skinfluencers.

The group will learn, teach and engage women on skincare. Although she’s now embracing every part of herself, Ledwaba admits that it has not always been the case.

“I was not always comfortable in my own skin. Fully loving and embracing my skin was and still is a journey that I’m vulnerable and comfortable with. I am comfortable with not always feeling great, ”Ledwaba says.

The mother of two experienced skin breakouts post-pregnancy. “My skin was a mess, I had to be intentional with the food I was eating, drinking lots of water, incorporating a routine and treatments,” she says. “It’s been important to recognise that as my hormones change so do my skin’s needs. Taking care of my skin is something I’ve fallen in love with. Nothing beats being able to enjoy a make-up free day with a smile.”

For Ledwaba, “beauty is freedom”, meaning that one has to be free with their “unique beauty, in all shapes, sizes, textures and colours”.

“I do believe beauty is skin deep. We could play around and say not really, but how you view yourself from the inside is what matters most. All other voices don’t matter if you don’t see or feel it.”

The content creator says the most important thing she aims to do is limit her stress levels and drink more water.