'Scandal!' viewers are livid & want Hungani 'Romeo' Ndlovu back on the hit soapie

Fans are demanding the return of Hungani Ndlovu as Romeo on 'Scandal'.
Fans are demanding the return of Hungani Ndlovu as Romeo on 'Scandal'.
Image: Via Hungani Ndlovu's Instagram

Since his on-screen death on Monday night, disgruntled viewers are calling for Scandal! producers to bring back Hungani Ndlovu who plays the role of Romeo Medupe. 

Fans took to social media to express how unimpressed they were that Romeo had been killed off and demanded that he be brought back to their TV screens or they would stop watching the soapie. 

Romeo was killed by a hitman who was hired by his mother-in-law, Boniswa. While many were shattered to see their fave die, others felt Romeo deserved a more dignified send-off than the one he received.

While Romeo's exit doesn't come as a surprise to many, seeing there were rumours that he'd be leaving the show a few months back, fans were still unhappy that his on-screen death made things official. 

Last month, e.tv slammed reports that Hungani left Scandal! due to "bad behaviour". 

The channel set the record straight with Scandal! fans about Hungani's departure from the show, by confirming that he had asked to take a break. They also slammed speculation that he was fired.

In a statement, Scandal! producers Sanele Zulu, Grace Mahlaba and Ilse van Hemert expressed their appreciation for Hungani's efforts and time on the show.

“The factual reason for his temporary absence is that the actor requested to go on leave.

“We, as the producers of Scandal! have the highest regard for Hungani's professionalism and humility as an artist. He has always behaved with the utmost respect towards his employers and colleagues. The character of Romeo is adored by viewers and the Scandal! team alike, and we would love to create stories with him for as long as possible.”