Julius Malema doesn't care about SA

EFF leader Julius Malema.
EFF leader Julius Malema.
Image: Smphiwe Nkwali. © Sunday Times

We have politicians who don't care about SA and her people. One such politician is Malema. I don't know what this man stands for. He invites people from elsewhere in Africa to invade our country amid a high rate of poverty, starvation and unemployment. Does this man love our country and her citizens? - Mokolobetsi

EFF must serve its voters

Advice to Julius Malema: We didn't vote for the EFF to help you fight your personal battles but to serve us in parliament. - H.P.Z

Apartheid still exists

Enclosed residential areas, so-called security estates, are concealed modern-day apartheid states. The poor, needy masses live in open, unprotected, crime-infested areas. Justice perverted! - Thami Zwane

Molefe loss a win for country

For Brian Molefe to lose at the apex court calls for serious celebrations because before President Cyril Ramaphosa, these criminals were allowed to do as they pleased while we the poor got poorer. - Sidwell, Tsutsumani

Hain's message loud and clear

Lord Peter Hain can't say it louder that attacks on Pravin Gordhan and Cyril Ramaphosa are chasing investors away. Who will risk his money on thieves who loot a bank and SOEs like the Zuptas and the red berets fascists? - Pio Mashaba