Teachers under siege from pupils

The teaching fraternity is under siege and it seems the ANC government isn't doing enough to assist teachers who are subjected to humiliation by learners.

However, it's not solely the responsibility of government to ensure that learners behave well in class. Parents must also play a role to ensure that their children respect their teachers.

When Gadimang Mokolobate, 24, was stabbed with a butcher knife by a learner at Ramotshere secondary school in Zeerust, in North West, I thought that government would take action against this unruly behaviour and the violence which is being institutionalised in our schools.

There is a video doing the rounds on social media, where a pupil is seen mocking the teacher saying: ".You're a great teacher ma'am ." after which he pours water in the teacher's face.

This kind of behaviour is unacceptable. We must teach our children how to conduct themselves, particularly in schools.

There is a lot which must be done to deal with unruly behaviour in schools. Teachers are confronted with a lot provocation and indiscipline which requires government leadership to assist teachers.

Sam Difoe Magana

Dennilton, Limpopo