Really now, where are blacks going?

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Emigration is only for the elite few. /Jaco Marais
Emigration is only for the elite few. /Jaco Marais

Okay, there is no denying that that brand new #IAmStaying Facebook page has taken SA by storm.

I have been part of plenty initiatives through the same social media platform, including #TotalShutDown and other significant movements that did not enjoy the massive support shown by good-meaning patriotic citizens who rally in support of the few privileged reconsidering their option to emigrate.

I say the "few privileged" because I have to be honest here and admit to my narrow-minded approach when it comes to the exact part of society that is considering and perhaps can afford a move and emigration to better corners of the world. I say this because I have been throat deep in conversations with my white friends (and random acquaintances) about the topic.

I have always taken the opportunity to remind most that I, and almost all my peers, were raised by a generation of oppressed people who did not have the means, or opportunity to leave the country.

Eintlik, those who left were exiled. And when that generation finally could smell freedom, boom, their white counterparts - the ones who had stayed throughout and voted during apartheid - were now so worried about the country that they started emigrating to Australia and Europe.

And so I am always conflicted with my empathy for anyone who feels so betrayed by their own countrymen and politics that they are compelled to leave the land of their birth, their history, identity and family and loved ones behind - because I am not blind to the actual privilege that affords one such options to begin with.

So you can imagine the hard smack I got when I went through the fascinating threads in the Pretzer's group of patriots.

Your uncle Thabo is there, facebooking from his backroom. And the random Sandiles who hardly have data to put on employment applications. Chris who has worked in the same company for over a decade without a promotion. And Neli with her two degrees and overspent credit cards.

Even the Mam' ncane who has never seen the backside of the airport. Yeyi! Darkies have flooded that group and defeated all racial divides to stand as one with their fellow countrymen to say they too are staying!

But darkies? Wait gannyane! Niyaphi?

First of all, we have not moved out of that four-room house our granny left in the township when she died without a will. And most of us only ever get visas from our spouses every month-end weekend, and even those expire at 5am on Sundays.

And if you think you are moving to London my brother, maybe you should check the price of bread there. No, in fact, check the numbers of fellow Africans (non-South Africans) that have also moved up there while you're at it.

Then, remember how you sporadically mete violence to them in your precious eGoli and tell them to go back home.

Also, even Mr Thuma Mina himself didn't ever think that darkies wake up with dreams of leaving.

If he were to see that Facebook group, I know for sure that he would be shocked! He asked the farmers to stay, and spoke to them nicely. Because really now - where is Mr Mofokeng going?

Anyway, I still have not joined that jolly group of stayers because I am staying. It has never been a contentious issue!

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