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It is a fact that children are born with empty minds and, as parents, it is our duty to fill those little minds with wisdom, morals and values. On this note, let me point out a critical aspect of life and social cohesion: greeting.

It may sound or appear like a small word, but this gesture ignites life, inspires hope and fosters togetherness. We don’t always greet people to check on them, but rather to display our humanity. By greeting others, we are opening our gates of association for them, thus giving them that platform to engage with us freely and openly about any matter.

To show that greeting is not just about checking on someone's well-being, we even greet or are greeted by strangers. A greeting is an expression of ubuntu and an acknowledgement of someone’s existence or presence.

Therefore, parents must inculcate this value into their children. This will ensure that children grow up understanding the importance and value of greeting others. A simple “hello” may take a second to utter, but it will leave a lasting impact on the person you are greeting, thus brightening their day. Whether you are at home, work, at the mall or anywhere, greeting people should be a norm.

It is embarrassing when there are visitors at home and your children can’t even greet them because you never taught them that value. It is only then that, as a parent, you want to save yourself from the disgraceful moment and decide to chastise the children for not greeting, which is something you have never ever taught them.

At work, greet security guards, general workers and cleaners the same way you greet the company CEO. Don’t be selective, reach out to your neighbours and everyone you come across. That’s one of the things that makes life interesting.

Malphia Honwane, Gottenburg, Mpumalanga

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