We don't practise what we preach

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Our beloved rainbow nation is a land of extreme contrasts and diabolical observations.

We have risked life and limb to rescue and preserve our endangered rhino population and yet in the same vein, we savagely murder our precious wives on a daily basis. We are avid church people, yet we desecrate the cardinal principles of our sacred scriptures.

We claim to fear God, yet we commit adultery without any degree of shame or remorse. We constantly claim that we love our elders, yet we, on a monthly basis, rob them of their government grants.

We depend on our mothers and grandparents for care, yet we rape and sexually abuse them. We display love for our women on Valentine's Day, yet we mutilate them and bury them secretly in shallow graves.

We proclaim our innocence in our daily lives, yet we lead double lives, engaging in theft, drugs, gossips, in total contradiction of what we preach. Daily, we witness the elite display their obscene wealth, while abject poverty decimates the majority.

We are a nation of insanely rich people, in a sea of poverty-stricken souls, who go to bed hungry, every night. We find solace and security in a walled and gated community, while the homeless and destitute traverse and find shelter in cold street pavements.

We jail and incinerate people for petty crimes, while those who are politically well connected, are allowed to brazenly steal billions of rands with total impunity.

We repeatedly vote for those who stole our future, while our generation languishes in absolute poverty.

We struggle on a daily basis to educate to ourselves, yet we raze to the ground our educational institutions, that we paid for. The list is endless. Rest assured, this artificial bubble will one day explode in a fiery eruption.

Farouk Araie, Actonville, Benoni

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