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EFF's fascist agenda rapidly clarifies itself through Malema's racial outbursts

Like Adolf Hitler of Germany, EFF leader Julius Malema Manufesto is leading South African down a fascist path. / Simphiwe Nkwali.
Like Adolf Hitler of Germany, EFF leader Julius Malema Manufesto is leading South African down a fascist path. / Simphiwe Nkwali.

Since the EFF ratcheted up its aggressive anti-Indianism, South Africans are increasingly beginning to see through to the party's inner fascism.

The problem, though, is that most people who accuse the EFF of fascism don't answer the critical question - how so?

What is fascism? How does the EFF fit the definition?

Fascism is a dictatorial political theory that took Western Europe by storm in the first half of the 20th century, championed by two murderous dictators: Italy's Benito Mussolini and Germany's Adolf Hitler. We hereunder treat three pillars of fascism: ideology, modus operandi and leadership.

Given the historic impact exerted by Hitler, we answer the question regarding the EFF from the fascist script of the German Nazi Party.

If you want to know what fascism is, the best source is Mein Kampf - the book of the arch-fascist himself, Hitler.

Hitler tells us that the ideology of his variant of fascism is national-socialism. His "nation" did not include all Germans; it singled out only his "master-race", the Aryans. Jews, blacks, and so on - were not part of Hitler's "nation".

Socialism, as a twin-brother of fascist "national-socialist" ideology, was adopted as an economic instrument through which Hitler could expropriate wealth in Germany without compensation. According to its own constitution, the EFF was established to "attain and defend the National Integrity and Liberation of the oppressed black majority of SA."

We know Indians and Coloureds are not part of the EFF's concept of "black". As was the case with Hitler's fascism, racial purity is a defining feature of EFF fascism.

The EFF constitution also states that the party "takes socialism as the theoretical basis guiding its thinking..."

Like the Nazi Party, the EFF is evidently a national-socialist party. The difference is that the EFF's "nation" is not Aryan, but "purely" black.

Like Hitler, the EFF hopes to place "socialism" in the service of the "black" nation.

Let us now turn to fascism's modus operandi - violence. Hitler is clear in Mein Kampf that violence is a redemptive tool for the restoration of a nation rendered decedent by the historic work of evil forces.

Again, the EFF constitution defines the party as a movement that seeks to enlist the collaboration of "fearless, radical, and militant activists, workers' movements, nongovernmental organisations, community based organisations, lobby-groups under the need to pursue the struggle for economic emancipation".

The EFF declares the party's objective as being to "capture political and state power through whatever revolutionary means possible".

Remember that this constitution was written in 2016, when South Africa was already a democracy. Hitler tells us fascism "rejects, in principle and in its composition, any theory of the majority vote". Such is the core of the EFF's undemocratic character.

Regarding fascism's third pillar, personality cult, Hitler is unequivocal: "the [Nazi] Movement stands for the principle of unquestioned authority of the leader". In the EFF, those who question Julius Malema are shown the door.

In a nutshell, the EFF is a modern fascist party that pursues the same-old national-socialist ideology through violence under the spell of a personality cult.

But the so-called "pure" black people must not ululate yet. After Indians, Malema might turn on Zulus... Who knows? South Africans beware: a fascist monster is at your doorstep, wearing a red beret. Open the door at your own peril.

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