WATCH | Corona lentils put into pandemic relief food parcels

Corona lentils arrived in food parcels distributed in Hanover Park.
Corona lentils arrived in food parcels distributed in Hanover Park.
Image: Esa Alexander

You might not expect a food parcel delivered during the pandemic to dish up some Corona, but for residents in Hanover Park near Cape Town, it was clearly stated on the label.

Some laughed, others were confused. Some said it didn’t bother them, but all did a double take when they opened their food parcel and found a bag of lentils called Corona.

Adele Abrahams said: “I open it and see it and I am thinking ‘This is a virus’. I was actually scared to use it. Why Corona? Why name the lentils this?”

Another resident, Patricia Esau, found it amusing: “I got a packet of lentils and dahl in my food parcel and the moment I saw it I thought 'Yoh! Corona'. Because of this virus you must be careful what you eat, but we are hungry, we must eat and beggars can’t be choosers.”

Wareldia Julius runs the Hanover Roses Playgroup and Women Support Group and is helping to feed 250 people.

“We received food parcels for our beneficiaries and came across a packet of lentils. There it was, Corona," she said.

"Before this I was at another NGO and when I saw it I said, ‘Oh my word this is very confusing now with this message on the packet'. People who are not so literate will think they can’t eat it. They should rethink their packaging."

She said: "However, I am very thankful and I appreciate it. We can have some food on the table so we can eat and stay alive.”