Mr & Mrs Buns — a social media love story or publicity stunt?

Maps Maponyane finally weds Mrs Buns.
Maps Maponyane finally weds Mrs Buns.
Image: Instagram/Maps Maponyane

While it may be a publicity stunt, social media was still in their feels last weekend after snippets of Mr and Mrs Buns aka Maps Maponyane and influencer Pamela Mtanga “tied the knot” at his new burger joint, Buns Out.

After flirting on the socials for a young minute, Pamela finally got what she's always wished for ... the “wedding” of her dreams with Mr Buns himself.

#BunsWedding started dominating the trends list with people saying it was the best social media love story ever.

It all started last Tuesday when the vlogger shared on Twitter that she was heading to Maps' burger joint, Buns Out where their “wedding” was supposed to happen, but to her disappointment, her imaginary lover wasn't there, speculating that the “groom” got cold feet.

Feeling hurt that she got stood up by her dream man, “Mrs Buns” shared a tweet stating that she and Mr Buns were no longer together because he didn't show up for their “wedding”.

Maps then took to social media explaining that he didn't see the tweet in time that Mrs Buns was coming past his joint because he had to rush off to set. “And now, I see that I missed her. Damn, just when mini buns and scones were looking so promising.” 

While fans anticipated what was to happen next, they were surprised to notice that there was a Bun's wedding ceremony taking place at Buns Out last Sunday.

At first, he thought he was stood up by Mrs Buns who was a no show for their wedding ceremony, a heartbroken Maps posted a video to address his frustrations as well as that of the congregation.

After minutes of waiting for Mrs Buns to make it to the altar, she finally appeared and gave a hopeless Maps a big hug as shown in "exclusive paparazzi" pictures provided by veteran broadcaster Mel Bala.

While all arrows point to this being part of an elaborate marketing campaign, fans couldn't help but root for them to hook up for real. 

As 2019 gave Mzansi celebrity weddings of note, fans dubbed the “union” between Mr and Mrs Buns the true love story for our generation.

This, however, didn't stop people from speculating that the Buns wedding was nothing much of a publicity stunt to market Maps' new burger joint.

Here are the mixed reactions on social media:

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