Lady Zamar on industry struggles: People don't care about your work the way you do

Lady Zamar says it's not all rainbows and sunshine.
Lady Zamar says it's not all rainbows and sunshine.
Image: Instagram/Lady Zamar

Lady Zamar may be one of the hottests artists in Mzansi but even she sometimes faces the struggles and politics of the industry.

The star opened up recently about how she had prepared for another day of make-up and rehearsals but was served a dish of the “cruel reality of life”.

She said while she cared a lot about her music, some people in the industry didn't care as much and were just there for the coins.

“People don't care about your work the way you do. I had actually stopped thinking I was alone in my endeavours. I started believing in letting go and allowing systems in place to help and assist. But most people see art as a way to make just money, quick money, and I’m about giving a whole experience into my music.”

She said that she had a lot to be grateful for and was taking it all in her stride.

“I have so much to be grateful for, so much to celebrate. Sometimes what you see as a disadvantage becomes your biggest tool to success.”

She went on to encourage her followers to find love and acceptance in themselves.

“Moral of the story, especially for anyone who feels discouraged by people they trust or work with or love. New and old, old or young: even when everyone else stops believing in you. When no-one else is willing to gamble on you, take a chance on you. Invest in yourself.

“Build on your own. Prove to everyone why you believe you are great, why you are awesome. Show them how to have faith in your kind of amazing.”