Beauty influencer Tshiamo Modisane makes her acting debut

Tshiamo Modisane delves deeper into her new character on SA B C 1’s African Dreams.
Tshiamo Modisane delves deeper into her new character on SA B C 1’s African Dreams.
Image: Supplied.

Beauty influencer and fashion stylist Tshiamo Modisane is making her acting debut with a groundbreaking non-binary character that will highlight LGBTQI+ representation on mainstream television.

Modisane has been cast in the new SABC1 TV series African Dreams, portraying non-binary character Thabang Sithole.

She is a content producer for the latest and final season of the celebrity gossip show Real Goboza.

“I’m very excited, mostly because I’ve always seen myself behind the scene. Even though I’ve done a few acting cameos, having an actual character that appears in 13 episodes of the show is amazing. I believe that my character plays a very pivotal part on the show,” Modisane says. “I connected so much with the character that I had my boobs flattened. I tried to be as flat-chested as possible to pull off a convincing act.”

Being in her 30s, Modisane had to research slang words used by Gen Z to match the character. Social media platform Twitter helped a lot with that.

“However, the thing I found easy to execute was bringing truth to my character’s ambition seeing that I also implemented that in my career,” Modisane says.

Image: Supplied.

Modisane, who identifies as genderqueer, hopes that SA children, especially those in the LGBTQI+ community, will see themselves reflected in the character.

“I met the producer of the show at an event and we started having a conversation. She told me about her plans for a show and wanted to include a transitioning character and wanted my insight on how best to tell the story.

“The writers then wrote the story and at the end of finalising the script, the producer sent me a direct message asking whether I’d like to try out for the character. Even though I was there to act out a role, I was able to help mould the character into a more realistic sense.”

Modisane is not against the idea of more acting roles. “I do see myself doing more roles in the future. I don’t want to box myself into one character, I want to play a thuggish man or a buff lesbian.”

Before launching her television and influencer career, Modisane worked as a lifestyle writer for True Love, Move, Drum and Citizen.

In 2019, the Feather Awards named her hot chick of the year. “My most impactful moment has to be being the first non-gender-conforming brand ambassador for Lux in 2018. “I used to sell fragrances during my high school and tertiary years – 2007 to 2010. I think that’s where I fell in love with the beauty and the art of grooming. In 2011, I then moved to styling.”