Nomalanga Shozi out to fan flames on Behind The Story as the show's Season 5 new host

Nomalanga Shozi.
Nomalanga Shozi.
Image: Supplied.

Nomalanga “The Flame” Shozi is set to bring some extra flair as the new host of Season 5 of Behind The Story (BTS), which is set to premiere on October 9.

With her mind fixated on carving her own path as she takes over from Pearl Thusi as the new host of BTS, we caught up with the multi-talented presenter to find out what makes her tick.

How are you feeling about being the new presenter of BET’s Behind The Story?

“I’m really pumped by this new move in my life, it’s been quite the journey with BET, my growth has been quite evident. I had many, many highs; I think the only low was the pandemic. But in terms of the brand, it goes to show how much they believe in me to pick up where Pearl Thusi left off.”   

How different will the show be compared to previous seasons?

“I will get to set the tone on how the new show will be. I mean, the format has changed. I will get to interview some of the most iconic names in the industry while driving them to some of the destinations that made them or had a contribution to the people that they then became. So, we’re really going to get to re-live their experiences almost through the places they grew up in or places where their stories began. I think it’s going to be quite interesting and fun for people to watch.”

What was your most memorable moment of shooting the new season of the show?

“It was when I had to interview my aunt’s crush. It was someone who was such an icon back in the day… he was so hot in his time, and he still is. Getting a compliment from him for my interviewing skills was a memorable moment for me!”

If you were not afraid, what would you do?

“If I wasn’t afraid of losing myself, I think I’d play the game in the industry a lot more. I’m kind of scared of losing the person I told myself that I am, so that sort of works for me but I wish I could put myself out there even more.”

What makes you laugh?

“I people-watch a lot! What makes me laugh is when I see someone performing for other people, like in the industry. I usually keep to myself, I never aim to fit in just so people can accept me. It’s actually sad when you watch people put themselves under pressure just to fit in. Kids also make me laugh, they always say the funniest things!”

What personal feature are you most insecure about?

“My stomach! I hate that I have upper fat on my tummy. ”

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Do you have any secret talent that we don’t know of?

“It’s not much of a secret but I’m actually a dope actress too! A lot of people know me for my presenting but I got into the industry as an actress on Rhythm City. That’s actually what I want to do more of now.”

What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told?

“Some of the worst lies I’ve ever told have been in relationships. Lol, I can’t really tell you what I mean by that. But… yeah, I always lie about people who’ve already died. I just use their death to get out of some commitments because I wasn’t really feeling it.”

Do you have a favourite thing to do before going to bed?

“I always call my mother and we gossip. We usually talk about people in the family and the things they’ve done. Haha, my mother is sooo funny but if you should know, my relatives also gossip about us too!”

If you could pause any moment in your life, which moment would that be?

“It was when I went to the BET Awards. I never in my life ever thought I’d get to stand on an international red carpet and get to interview all these famous stars we grew up watching on TV. There was a moment where I was like, I wish this moment would last forever.”

What is the most valuable lesson life has taught you?

“The most valuable lesson I’ve learnt from life is honesty. When you lie to people, you don’t realise that it’s you who suffers the most. So being true to yourself is the best you can do for yourself!