LISTEN | Brenda Ngxoli on that ‘long overdue’ Safta & her new TV gig

Brenda Ngxoli has joined the cast of 'The Queen'.
Brenda Ngxoli has joined the cast of 'The Queen'.
Image: Gallo Images / City Press / Lucky Nxumalo

Safta winning actress Brenda Ngxoli has opened up about how she believes her conscious decision to strive for inner peace has attracted nothing but great things for her life and booming career.

In a chat with TshisaLIVE, the actress explained that she believed everything that's happened so far in her life and career has worked out in her favour. And despite it being a really difficult year generally, 2020 seemed to be the year her God and ancestors were pulling through for her.

Listen to the full podcast below:

“I think the spiritual journey and being away has helped me to value people, to value the small moments. It has been amazing to realise just how much people are willing to help you and how much they care about you when you think that nobody cares.

“The truth is, right now, your money and your status doesn't matter because we all have to sit indoors. So whether you are wearing your Jimmy Choos or you are wearing your China City clothes, it doesn't matter. The thing is, at the end of the day this corona is showing us that in the eyes of the creator, we are all equal!”

Brenda got emotional recently when she won a Safta (South African Film and Television Award) at the recent virtual awards ceremony.

“I have been in the industry for more than 15 years now, when I started I was barely 20 years old, I'm turning 40 this year. And every nomination - I'm sitting at about 9 nominations - meant that I had worked extremely hard for something. So to go and then come back, and get not only a nomination but a win, was absolutely amazing for me.

“Also, when you leave you start wondering if you are still good, because acting is like a sport. It works on 'acting muscle'. The pressure then starts mounting and those voices of doubt also creep it. So for me, it was a great nod to say, 'yes Brenda, you still have it!' and, 'yes, hard work does pay off,'" she said.

Brenda also can't wait for her fans to meet her latest character on The Queen.