Egotistic Ace never cared for ANC constitution or SA's welfare

Suspended ANC secretary general Ace Magashule. File Photo
Suspended ANC secretary general Ace Magashule. File Photo
Image: Rogan Ward

Like many South Africans I have been following the saga of the suspended Ace Magashule, who has been accused of corruption, fraud and looting. What amazes and totally disgusts me the most is his egotistic spitefulness, total arrogance, self-righteousness, disregard and disrespect for the very constitution and democracy he and others fought for over many years.

He clearly ignored or never understood the meaning of the country’s constitution as well as rule 13.8 (among others) of the Implementation of the national resolution and NEC decisions of Feb 13-14 2021 as well as rule 25.70 of the ANC constitution that is very clear to any person who can read.

From his continual disregard and actions he clearly did not act in the best interest of the organisation nor the country and its people. Magashule is to be reminded that he is only an ordinary man and not above anyone, anything, or the law. He should be ashamed of himself for tarnishing all the oaths he took. He is in breach of his oath to abide by the aims and objectives of the ANC as set out in the constitution, the Freedom Charter and other duly adopted policy positions.

His totally irresponsible behaviour and actions over some time has brought the organisation to crises, but also the whole country to its knees. He clearly stands in breach of his membership oath which says: “I will defend the unity and integrity of the organisation and its principles, and combat any tendency towards disruption and factionalism.”

Can someone please explain all of this and the meaning of integrity to Magashule and some of his cadres! South Africans are sick and tired of corruption and paying dearly the price for it in many ways, while only a few get away with it.

• Marianne Barnard, Durban 

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