We need active and visible policing to start winning war on crime


House robberies and break-ins are on the rise in the Kwaggafontein area of former KwaNdebele. My house was recently broken into for the second time.

We didn't report the first crime to the police, thinking it happened by chance. While we informed the local police of the second incident, the policewoman who came to the house to take fingerprints didn't do her work diligently. She said she couldn't locate any fingerprints.

The heartless thief stole all the food in the house.

I work far away from home and my only trust lies with the police. Now I fear for the lives of my wife and children because we don't know when the robber will come again.

I appeal to the police to take us seriously when we report cases or they shouldn't be surprised when we take the law into our own hands. I don't encourage mob justice, but police visibility is sorely needed.

One hardly sees police vans patrolling. They only rush to the scene when criminals are attacked. When criminals attack or rob us, police drag their feet or don't come at all.

This form of policing is irresponsible. One of the functions of the police is to patrol 24/7. Criminals would think twice if they see a police van passing by. Police should also regularly hold meetings with residents to hear and address complaints.

Nyaope is another problem. The boys hang around in groups to spot homeowners leave their houses so they can break in their absence. Drugs and drug dealers should be eradicated.

I also urge house owners to be vigilant. When you spot a criminal, alert residents by blowing the whistle or screaming for help. I would also like to urge the municipality to create jobs and hire the young people who turn to crime to make ends meet.

Amos Tebeila, Mohlaletse Village