It's time we scrutinise shopping patterns of loved ones

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Most shopaholics buy clothing because of addiction, not need.
Most shopaholics buy clothing because of addiction, not need.
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We have placed a great deal of focus on the known and obvious abuse and addiction to intoxicating substances.

Perhaps it is for the reason that alcohol and drug abuse is easier to detect because of its effect on our behaviour. But we really should start scrutinising the shopping patterns of our loved ones.

I'm not even talking about hoarders who are grappling with a more sophisticated and visible ailment.

I am talking about my sisters who are frequent clients at various shopping malls and factory outlets, and are greeted by first name by all the shop keepers.

The ladies who hardly miss a trending fashion item for the season, and even know the colours that will be worn in September.

The ones who are secretly addicted to shopping and still wake up everyday with literally no idea what to wear.

A lot of us ladies are struggling with uncontrolled shopping and failed financial management. We morph into agents of secrecy when there is some little cash in the bank.

There is always a sale, always. Or some sort of bargain buy that just has to be taken advantage of.

The argument is usually about how this particular item is quality, and the purchase was a steal. Yep. That would be 200th pair of quality stilettos in the bag.

So, the culprit will withdraw a stash of cash to conceal trails of the purchase.

Some will go as far as removing price tags from the clothes, and shoving the clothes in their huge handbags before heading home.

Sometimes the shopping bags are stashed in the boot, or under the seats in the car. Some shoes may even remain in the car till worn at least three times before they are neatly merged with the existing collection in the house.

She would have been wearing her "driving flat shoes" when leaving the house for work - only to change into the new pair later.

Then when her man notices that these must be new shoes, the lies begin: "Oh please, that is what you said last time. And to think I bought these in your presence last year. The heel tips are even coming off now..."

Some will even buy sizes that do not fit, just in case they reach their goal weight in the next six months.

Or buy a fancy dress in case they are invited to a wedding. Then there are the ones who will buy the same
T-shirt in all three colours.

Strangely, most shopaholics almost always wear the same things repeatedly, and leave the rest of their purchases to hang pretty in their closets, unworn and maybe even not loved anymore.

I am writing this because last week, I had to buy two packs of clothing hangers for clothes that have mysteriously appeared in my closet.

Hi everyone. My name is Kwanele.

I have a quality crisp white shirt, with beautiful tailoring and concealed buttons stashed in the spare wheel in my car!

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