Rachel Kolisi has right to defend marriage

Rachel and Siya Kolisi.
Rachel and Siya Kolisi.
Image: Instagram/Siya Kolisi

I read with shock the piece written by Kwanele Ndlovu on March 22 2019. I could not believe that she could viciously attack Rachel Kolisi like that.

I am amazed that she finds fault with Kolisi's reaction and no fault with what the other woman did, sending a picture of her butt to a married man who happens to be Kolisi's husband.

I would understand if she was to diffuse the tension by rebuking the two women's behaviour. In this case, the sending of the butt picture to a married man and the publicising of it by Kolisi.

Ndlovu has the audacity to call the provoker a lady; nothing she did in this instance makes a lady at all. This behaviour of sending naked or half-naked pictures to married men is not lady-like. You do not become a lady by virtue of being female but your behaviour determines whether you are a lady or not. This so-called lady with her butt that Ndlovu is paying the gym for has every right to send her picture to every single man out there.

Ndlovu also writes eloquently about "how the fallacy of that perfect marriage was exposed" as if in celebration that Mr and Mrs Kolisi's wedding has reached its sell-by date.

Kolisi has every right to protect her marriage/relationship and she shouldn't be shot down for doing so.

Siya Kolisi is also accused of "diving chest first into women's message boxes" - if you have proof of this then please provide it.

Ndlovu stopped short of suggesting that Kolisi gives other women a chance with Siya. If there is anybody trolling anyone here it is Ndlovu trolling Kolisi. If I were Mrs Kolisi, I would definitely report her to the press ombudsman.

Zakes Nakedi, Ennerdale

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