Vicky Sampson to drop 'anthem of unity' on election day

'You Are The Light' touted as SA's' anthem of hope

Masego Seemela Online journalist
Vicky Sampson speaks more on our African dream.
Vicky Sampson speaks more on our African dream.
Image: Supplied.

Vicky Sampson believes that the country’s journey towards an “African Dream” in the last 30 years of SA democracy has been a complex journey, in which many voices have gone unheard.  

As SA gets closer to the elections next week, the legendary singer has recorded You are the Light, a song featuring Mahlatze Vokal and set to drop on voting day (May 29) as the new "anthem of unity". 

Much like her anthem Afrikan Dream, which united the country at a crucial time during the 1995 Rugby World Cup, Sampson is hoping to recreate that sonic magic.

“While many South Africans have experienced newfound freedoms and opportunities, millions still struggle with poverty, lack of access to education and healthcare and limited job prospects,” she said.

“The next chapter of our dream requires addressing these issues head-on, ensuring equitable access to resources and fostering a spirit of collective responsibility to build a more inclusive society.”

The 55-year-old singer hopes South Africans will resonate with the powerful message of her new song.

Vicky Sampson speaks more on our African Dream, pictured here with Urban Soul artist Mahlatze Vokal
Vicky Sampson speaks more on our African Dream, pictured here with Urban Soul artist Mahlatze Vokal
Image: Supplied.

“Reflecting on 30 years of democracy evokes a mix of emotions. There is a deep sense of pride in the strides SA has made,” she said. 

“We've established a strong constitution, held peaceful elections and witnessed the rise of a vibrant civil society. However, there's also a poignant awareness of the challenges that remain. 

“Corruption, crime and unemployment continue to plague many communities. These 30 years serve as a powerful reminder that democracy is a continuous process. It requires constant vigilance, active participation from citizens and a commitment to upholding the ideals of justice and equality.” 

Just in time for Africa Day on Saturday, Sampson said she held the future of the continent near and dear to her heart, adding that the African Dream isn't a singular vision.

“It's a mosaic of aspirations reflecting the rich diversity of the continent. For some, it might be about building a thriving agricultural sector that feeds families and fuels economies,” she said.

“For others, it could be about harnessing technological innovation to solve local challenges and compete on a global stage. It could also be about revitalisng ancient traditions and ensuring cultural heritage is preserved for future generations. 

“Ultimately, the African Dream is about creating a continent where every voice is heard, every potential is nurtured, and every story is celebrated.” 

Her biggest wishes for the country are rooted in equality and empowerment.  

“I dream of a nation where our rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds is celebrated, not a source of division. I dream of a society where everyone has the tools and opportunities they need to reach their full potential, regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic background,” she said. 

“I envision a country that is a leader on the continent, contributing its unique talents and resources to solving Africa's challenges and shaping a brighter future for all.

“I also want to contribute my voice by leveraging the power of storytelling. By sharing the stories of everyday South Africans. I want to amplify the voices that are often unheard. Beyond online advocacy, I believe in supporting initiatives that empower communities and promote social justice.” 

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