Partner-swap show a roller coaster for host couple, Salamina and Howza Mosese

High drama and raw emotions on reality TV series, The Ultimatum SA

Masego Seemela Online journalist
The Ultimatum SA S1. (L to R) Howza Mosese, Salamina Mosese in The Ultimatum SA S1.
The Ultimatum SA S1. (L to R) Howza Mosese, Salamina Mosese in The Ultimatum SA S1.
Image: Mpumelelo Macu / Netflix

The Ultimatum SA hosts Salamina and Tshepo “Howza” Mosese strongly hold they would have been boring with zero drama if they participated in the partner-swap reality TV show that has ruffled feathers.

The celebrity couple has been married for 15 years.

The polarising Netflix series has kept viewers on the edge since it premiered last Friday, with the six couples on the show even going viral for their jaw-dropping and heart-pounding antics.

Being on set was an emotional rollercoaster that we didn’t expect. The most difficult thing about taking this job was being aware of the emotional vulnerability coming from the couples,” Tshepo said.

“In the same breath, it was a great experience for Salamina and I as we served as arbitrators and a sounding board when the emotions were high. We also got to learn from their experience — the good and the bad.”

Salamina added: “Sometimes we’d get on set and the drama had already happened. The couples were already raw and emotional at times. They were not talking to each other, either with the trial marriage with their new partner or their initial partner they came into the house with.

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

“Even we got shocked like some of the viewers have been because the brief would be given to us just before going on set to meet the 12 cast mates.”

In some instances, the couple exercised restraint in interfering with how the drama unfolded.

Our role more than anything was to facilitate. We wanted them to be able to map out their love story as best as they can,” Salamina said. 

“Every couple’s love story is different, hence there isn’t really a formula to it. I might give you advice that worked for us, but won’t necessarily work for you because essentially we are not the same. Hence I try my best not to state what it is these couples need to do to make it work,”

Tshepo added: “Somehow, I believe, they will figure it out. However, the advice I’d give them now that they have experienced this social experiment and its outcome is to stick to the answers they got which will help them make an informed decision on what to do.” 

Salamina said being part of the show offered them a chance to grow as a couple.

“I liked how different the show was. It’s nothing like anything that we have seen or done on the African continent. Tshepo and I saw it as a way to grow together. We’ve always wanted to produce game shows together, and I think that’s where we’re going next,” she said.

This is not the first time the couple has worked together.

“I’ve been an actor in one of her productions, however, our first was on Backstage on This is the first time we’re doing something presenter related, which has been a dream of ours. So, when the producers of the show called us to work as a couple, we were more than thrilled to do it,” Tshepo said.

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