Gents, here is how to cut your own hair at home

Images/ Steve Marais/ AFI Prive Couture
Images/ Steve Marais/ AFI Prive Couture

Lockdown hasn’t just got women fretting over missed hair appointments – men are losing a little bit too.

It was all good and well taking clippers to the head at home just to neaten up a fresh fade until you see your barber again, but with the current state of affairs – things are getting a bit hairy.

You’re lucky if your go-to style is a chiskop because hair maintenance isn’t that tricky if you have a good set of clippers in your arsenal. But for others, not seeing their barber and having to groom at home can be a struggle.

Here are some tips on how to care for hair while social distancing.

Set up a dual mirror situation

Unless you are locked down with your partner, you’re going to need a bit of help getting to the back of your head. So, use two mirrors to be able to see what’s going on back there.

Ideally, you need a mirror mounted on a wall behind you and the second one should be a handheld mirror in front of you.

Wash and condition hair first

Hair is easier to trim when it’s clean so make sure you give yourself a good starting point. Dirty hair contains product build-up and can be tangled, so avoid clippers getting caught in hair and giving you an uneven trim by first washing hair and detangling to ensure the clippers glide smoothly over.

Start from the top

The crown of the head is the star of our overall haircut, so make sure you nail this part first. Beginning at the top also allows you to see the overall mood of your haircut. Follow suit when you trim the sides and neckline.

Always trim longer than you would normally do to give you some leeway if you mess up and need to trim again. It’s better to trim gradually and leave room for error than be overzealous.

Finish off

Once you are satisfied with your trim, run your head under lukewarm water to remove any hair that’s fallen on the neck. And pat dry with a towel. This also helps to make hair more manageable before styling, especially if you have thick afro texture hair that you need to comb out.

Apply a leave-in conditioner to damp hair and seal moisture with a few drops of oil for softer, nourished hair. PS. Don’t forget to apply some beard oil to your beard after trimming to give it a soft, healthy shine.