Three apps to add to your arsenal

Image: antgor90/123RF

Our mobile applications have become integral to our daily lives, whether it is the mode of transport we use, how we communicate online or even who we choose to hook-up with. With more than a million apps at our disposal, it can be pretty difficult to pin down which ones we actually need. Here are three that we recommend.

Netflix and chill the local way

So, you are a big fan of Netflix and chill? Why not expand your viewership to include some African flavour with some Nollywood entertainment? Nigerian production company Rok Studios has the IROKOtv app which features Nollywood entertainment. You can also share downloadable content with friends who are also using the app.

Sleep cycle

According to a number of health journals, men are more likely to suffer from sleep apnoea than women are. Sleep Cycle can help with this by tracking a user ’s sleep patterns, monitoring pivotal times for you to wake up and how your sleeping pattern has been affected on a daily basis. The app uses two modes to analyse one’s sleeping patterns.

The first uses your cellphone’s microphone to track the sounds of your movement as you sleep. The second is through an accelerometer which tracks your actual movements when the phone is placed underneath your sheet on your mattress. The app can also monitor more than one person sleeping on a bed and give the necessary individual advice.

Data-free soccer updates

Whether you are out of data or you have no airtime, GoalZone allows users to stay up to date on the latest match fixtures. Other than live score updates, the app also delivers sports news in the English PremierLeague, Bundesliga and the local PSL. The app also allows users to personalise their interface for updates on the specific news in their favourite leagues.