You might want to slow down on the sexy time - here's why


One of the fun parts of being locked down with a significant other, or even just someone to whom you can show your naughty bits without the cops being called, is the boundless opportunity for sexy times.

You can do it in the morning in lieu of traffic, or in the afternoon during your “lunch break”. Canoodling can happen while watching Tiger King or moments after the sweaty home workout. Basically, the world is now officially your boudoir — but perhaps not for much longer.

If you are one of those people who practise protected sex, you may be dismayed to hear that the world may soon run out of condoms. Thanks to coronavirus and the lockdown it has inspired in Malaysia, we may soon have a shortage of 100-million condoms.

According to Business Insider, Karex Berhad, the world’s largest condom manufacturer, has been forced to temporarily stop making condoms while Malaysia attempts to get the country’s Covid-19 situation under control. The company makes one in five condoms globally.

“While you’ve got people who are fighting Covid right now, we need to make sure that essential items are continuously being supplied,” Karex CEO Goh Miah Kit told Reuters. “You know, with many hard-hit countries around the world with HIV, Aids, condoms are a necessity,” he said, speaking to Business Insider.

On 27 March the company was given permission to restart production but with only 50% of its workforce, under a special exemption for critical industries, which means it is unlikely to make up for the shortfall anytime soon.

Most of your WhatsApp groups will have warned you that there will be a whole bunch of pregnancies after lockdown is over. Well, thanks to being locked down and the condom shortage it is inspiring, that may be truer than we originally thought.