4 bizarre holidays you can celebrate this year

Talk to someone or to yourself if alone in the lift on Elevator Day.
Talk to someone or to yourself if alone in the lift on Elevator Day.

Today marks National Talk in An Elevator Day, another meaningless American “holiday ” that is celebrated annually on the last Friday in July. The aim of the day is to encourage people to look up from their phones or feet, and actually make conversation with their fellow passengers .Though this and many other bizarre festivals started in the US, they are gaining international traction.

Here’s our selection of three more bizarre, meaningless holidays from the US of A that you can still look forward to this year.

August 28: Race Your Mouse Day

You don’t need a pet mouse to participate, so please don’t flock to your nearest snake food retailer in an outbreak of enthusiasm. No, “Race Your Mouse Day” invites bored office workers to race their computer mice around the icons on the screen whenever the opportunity to do so arises. But… who are you “racing ”against?

October 28: Plush Animal Lover ’s Day

Creepy? Perhaps. But this might be a nice day to celebrate for children whose parents aren’t ready for their offspring to graduate to areal-life puppy or kitten. Should adults participate? If they harbour a secret love of all things fluffy and inanimate, why not –after all, it’s only for a day.

30 December: National Bicarbonate of Soda Day

Baking soda is really useful. It can remove stains from clothing, whiten your teeth, and give your baked goods the volume they need. It can also be used as an alternative to artificial deodorants, to treat fungal infections and heartburn. Perhaps you could mention some of these applications to your peers on the 30th. Otherwise, we’re not sure precisely what the protocol for such an occasion might be.

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