Keep your hair looking healthy with regular hair treatments

Keep your hair looking healthy with regular hair treatments.
Keep your hair looking healthy with regular hair treatments.

Some may argue that keeping it old school and using any retail treatment that you can buy off the shelf is equally as effective as doing a professional hair treatment.

But as much as hair treatments are about targeting a specific hair concern like dryness, breakage or scalp issues, they are also about balancing the ratio of protein to moisture in your hair. While at-home treatments can offer solutions to some concerns, a more complex in-salon treatment is required every eight weeks. Candice Thurston, founder of local hair salon franchise Candi & Co highlights the importance of in-salon hair treatments.

Analyse your hair needs

“In-salon hair treatments are important to ensure your hair is getting the right attention and products,” she says. “Natural hair always needs the right balance between protein and moisture treatments. “We find that naturalistas focus on moisture at-home treatments, and over time their hair becomes weak and starts to break.

“It is therefore crucial that in-salon consultations are done to ensure the moisture protein balance and correct treatments. “All hair types need to do an in-salon hair treatment and trim at least every eight weeks to ensure healthy hair growth. During winter, more moisture treatments are required, as the weather will dry out the hair, causing more hair breakage. ”

Determine your hair type

“The first step is to identify hair type in order to determine what kind of treatment your hair needs,” Thurston says. “Hair strands are naturally dead, so hair cannot repair itself without some help. “Select the correct treatment according to your hair type to properly repair and replenish. “Curly, textured hair often appears shorter in comparison to straight hair.

“Secondly, highly textured hair will be drier, as the natural oils from the scalp do not moisturise the entire strand due to the coil. “Therefore, this hair type needs more moisture to ensure less breakage and more length.”

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