Lip Service: Quick fixes for dry, chapped lips

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When the winter season gets cracking, the first thing to crack is your lips. It’s time to break the cycle and enjoy soft, hydrated lips with these easy tips.

When lips are chapped, the first thing most of us do is reach for lip balm to add moisture but that’s not the only step to recovery.

One of the thinnest and most delicate areas of skin on our bodies, lips are the first to show the telltale signs of the temperature change - dehydration and sensitivity. While you’re busy slathering rich cream on your face and elevating your skincare with oils, don’t forget your lips - and use these quick hacks for soft, happy lips all winter long.

Find a lip scrub and use it

Exfoliation is a key step to add to your lip-care routine to remove dry skin and create a smooth and receptive surface area to absorb any moisturiser you might apply. Use a sugar scrub with a granular formula that is gentle enough for lips and apply it in small, circular motions.

Make your own scrub

You don’t have to spend a fortune on lip scrub. Put your DIY skills to the test by making your own. Mix a teaspoon of brown sugar in a small bowl with some coconut oil to make a paste and apply it to your lips for a hydrating and effective scrub.

Try a lip mask

Yes, you read it right, a lip mask. It’s important that the skin on your lips is treated like any other part of the face, so apply a lip mask after exfoliating to treat your lips and hydrate them.

Use a balm that has oils in it

You might think using an oil-based balm would leave your lips greasy but the skin on the lips can absorb quite a bit of moisture. The oil in the balm will help to create a barrier layer to lock in moisture for softer, more hydrated lips.

Try using an eye cream on your lips

This might seem strange but the skin on your eyes and that on your lips is similar in that they are both thin and delicate, making them susceptible to dehydration. If your lips are feeling extra battered, try using a hydrating eye cream packed with hyaluronic acid on them at night.

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