President Cyril Ramaphosa's apology saved ANC

Despite their anger and widespread protests, people still voted for the ANC.
Despite their anger and widespread protests, people still voted for the ANC.
Image: Alon Skuy

South Africans tend to forget some things quickly, while keeping grudges for a lifetime concerning other things.

Within a few days after the elections, we have already forgotten the numerous protests just before the voting.

There seems to be a campaign by the media to make a saint out of president-elect Cyril Ramaphosa at all costs. Also, many voters are unaware that they cannot elect a president in SA. Politicians in the national assembly are the only ones who can elect a head of state.

Those who say they voted for Ramaphosa are therefore lying to themselves. That vote was for ANC not Ramaphosa.

We are now being bombarded with silly claims how Ramaphosa as an individual saved the ANC. This is extreme nonsense.

What saved the ANC from defeat was the public repentance and apology by Ramaphosa at Ellis Park less than two weeks ago.

This apology and act of humbleness by Ramaphosa was broadcast on national TV, radio and other media to millions of angry but undecided voters.

It was this gesture by Ramaphosa that enabled just enough support for the ANC. The 57.5% the ANC received at the polls had little to do with the charisma of Ramaphosa.

Had Ramaphosa not repented and humbled himself publicly for the ANC, then the ANC would have never gone past the 52% mark as it happened in Gauteng. The Christians who did not vote for the emerging and established Christian parties, but instead for the ANC, were convinced that Ramaphosa is trustworthy.

If the ANC government dares to continue to threaten the church with interference, then the ANC will surely lose power in the next election.

Khotso KD Moleko, Mangaung

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