Students were not going anywhere with Afrikaans

University of Pretoria.
University of Pretoria.
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Good riddance that the University of Pretoria had to do away with Afrikaans, because our children are marking time and not progressing by learning it.

If it was a global language I would understand its role in educating our kids. Any international lingua or Chinese would be far better if it can be introduced.

We would appreciate a language that will develop us and the country so that we make progress for the students after they have studied it.

A better language would be any internationally spoken language, e.g. French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Chinese and German. We'll also appreciate it if the national anthem can be reduced to Nkosi sikelel' i-Afrika and "Die stem van Suid Africa" removed; it will be a good riddance.

Amos 'Chix' Aluko, Soweto