Students were not going anywhere with Afrikaans

29 January 2019 - 07:46
By Reader letter
University of Pretoria.
Image: Gallo Images University of Pretoria.

Good riddance that the University of Pretoria had to do away with Afrikaans, because our children are marking time and not progressing by learning it.

If it was a global language I would understand its role in educating our kids. Any international lingua or Chinese would be far better if it can be introduced.

We would appreciate a language that will develop us and the country so that we make progress for the students after they have studied it.

A better language would be any internationally spoken language, e.g. French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Chinese and German. We'll also appreciate it if the national anthem can be reduced to Nkosi sikelel' i-Afrika and "Die stem van Suid Africa" removed; it will be a good riddance.

Amos 'Chix' Aluko, Soweto