EFF must get experience before risking economy

EFF must get experience before risking economy.
EFF must get experience before risking economy.

The EFF's deputy president Floyd Shivambu is correct when saying: "The governing African National Congress is a collective of corrupt and incompetent individuals." He was speaking at the EFF's two-day KwaZulu-Natal elective conference in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday.

The ANC must be replaced or govern in coalition with other political parties. Perhaps corruption and incompetence will be annihilated and service delivery fully delivered. That way we won't witness countless protests where demonstrators vandalise public and private properties which requires them to strike again for the government to replace the damage they have caused.

The EFF isn't absolutely "ready to govern" as Shivambu posits. The EFF might be doing very well on campuses of higher learning and training, but that isn't a guarantee of votes in the 2019 general elections.

The EFF should fight to be the second-biggest political party and gain some experience before it risks our lives and our country's economy.

And, the EFF is experiencing its own internal conflicts, hence Shivambu had to warn members, "We do not want factionalists and gossipers in the EFF."

There is no political party without divergent ideas - but claiming the EFF will govern next year is a silly joke which isn't even funny. Let these parties go into a coalition and perhaps they will deliver.

Sam Difoe Magana, Dennilton, Limpopo