PHOTOS: Hugh Masekela, one of South Africa's greatest musicians

Legendary musician Bra Hugh Masekela passed away peacefully in Johannesburg, while surrounded by family at age 78.

We look back at the 'father of South African jazz,' Hugh Ramopolo Masekela's life in pictures.

Hugh Masekela quotes:

“I've got to where I am in life not because of something I brought to the world but through something I found - the wealth of African culture.” 

“I don't think what I do is influenced by suffering. I come from a talented people who are prolific in music and dance.” 

“I think it is incumbent on all human beings to oppose injustice in every form.” 

“My biggest obsession is to show Africans and the world who the people of Africa really are” 


“I lived for music since I could think.” 


“All my experiences removed geography from my world.” 


"I think that anybody from the 20th century, up to now, has to be aware that if it wasn't for Louis Armstrong, we'd all be wearing powdered wigs. I think that Louis Armstrong loosened the world, helped people to be able to say "Yeah," and to walk with a little dip in their hip. Before Louis Armstrong, the world was definitely square, just like Christopher Columbus thought."


Legendary musician Bra Hugh Masekela has died, his family said on Tuesday, January 23 2018, after a battle with prostate cancer. The family said in a statement that Bra Hugh had passed peacefully in Johannesburg, surrounded by his loved ones. In his last interview with TshisaLIVE, Masekela spoke about his views on death. Subscribe to TimesLIVE here:

South African jazz musician Ramopolo Hugh Masekela has died. Masekela lost his battle with prostate cancer in Johannesburg, his family said on Tuesday, January 23 2018. South Africans expressed their grief in a number of tributes. Subscribe to TimesLIVE here: