Use lockdown free days to try new things in life

Unleash the creative in you by producing online content on a subject close to your heart.
Unleash the creative in you by producing online content on a subject close to your heart.

By now the novelty of staying at home all day has probably worn off. Your days have settled into a routine and you're wondering what new things to watch next?

And there's only so much television one can take. The time has come for you to try something new, yes the lockdown is not a holiday but it has certainly left many with some time on their hands and the opportunity to expand their horizons. Here are a few things we've compiled to help you beat the lockdown blues.

Become a content creator

Have you got something to say? Do you have a particular skill that you want to share with the world but you just haven't had enough time?

Here is your chance; from vlogging to starting a podcast, it's all within your reach. You can do it all from your smartphone. With apps such as Anchor, that help you to record a podcast on your phone, you'll be content creating in no time.

Another major app is Tik Tok, the video-sharing platform took over from its predecessor Vine. Vine walked so Tik Tok and Tik Tokkers could fly. Warning it does get a bit monotonous though, especially if you're only viewing and not creating.

If you just love to dance and mime along to lyrics you can download Triller and reminisce about the days you hit the dance floor in a crowded club. Now is the perfect time to start your YouTube channel, you have millions of people who are a captive audience.

There is an audience for everyone on YouTube, you could be a beauty vlogger, review books on video, create lifestyle content such a mini-cooking shows, show the world all your clothing hacks or have an exercise channel. The content is endless, just pick your subject and be responsible.

For the kids

Perhaps you're not so stressed about what to do during the lockdown but finding something for the kids to do is driving you crazy. For a quick fix, once again the smartphone comes to the rescue. You can create informative and educational fun by simply doing a google search. You type in the name of an animal (for now there is a limited list of animals you can search for).

For example, google dog and then choose the option to see it in 3D. From there you can choose to see the animal in your own space.

From there you can then teach and answer any questions your child has on the animal, a fun way to keep them entertained and informed.

Some of the animals on the list are alligator, cat, brown bear, snake, macaw, and
octopus, among others.


For those who know, reading isn't just sounding out words on a page. Reading is an adventure that can involve the entire family. To keep your little ones entertained pick a book that has many characters. Assign each family member a character and let them give it a voice.

This is fun and reading aloud builds confidence. You can go so far as to have props and costumes if you want to make a production of it.

Teach your child to meditate. There are plenty of mindfulness, meditation aids on the internet, you have enough time to teach your little ones how to appreciate some quiet time.

Another great thing to try is exercising with children, pick fun, kid-friendly exercises that ensure they don't get to antsy when they're in the house.

Yoga exercises is one of many ideas you can try to keep busy with your children at home./123RF
Yoga exercises is one of many ideas you can try to keep busy with your children at home./123RF

If you live alone

At this point you're starting to feel the lockdown. You're not as busy as you normally are and phone calls can only go on for so long.

There are some simple ways to keep the time going without losing your cool. Make sure you call a loved one at least once a day, video calling would be best, somehow seeing someone's face as you chat makes you feel less lonely.

Pick a new hobby

This is of course a lockdown, so you can't just make your way to the art store, whenever you want, you have to be creative and use all the things you have around you. For instance, if you have old magazines laying around you can collage.

This is the perfect time to study, you have no distractions. From studying for your learner's licence to enrolling in an online short course, the time is now. Try out new recipes; go into SowetanLIVE, click on the GoodLife tab - now you're cooking!