#LTDWS | From fry to sauté‚ Somizi explains the levels in his life

Image: Instagram

You know in life when you are sure that you've successfully moved on to another level of living... it shows in everything even in the way you cook and according to Somgaga once you move from frying to sautéing your onions‚ you are most definitely there.

New levels always start off subtly... then the next thing you are told that you are still boiling when the likes of Somizi allow food to simmer.


Viewers of Living The Dream With Somizi were rolling on the floor with laughter when Mhlongo educated them on some of these levels.

In addition to G63'ing and i8'ing (transportation levels)‚ there are also Louis Vuitton and Black Opal (style and slayage) levels to think about.

Then there's the random vacations... the monthly salaries to his family and the multiple goodies he gets just because he exists and many more. Oh and he also decided on a whim that he wants a butler... #levels

Twitter is totes convinced that the whole show is just about levels and they had the memes ready:

But even though Mhlongo and his levels are fun to watch‚ it seems Mohale's "oddness" keeps rubbing SomG's fans the wrong way.

They really can't get over how "disinterested" he looks half the time.