WATCH | How Machana unearths tenacity on a tree farm

Witness Machana.
Witness Machana.
Image: Beautiful News.

He’s had to struggle for much in his life, but there are some things Witness Machana has no lack of, like ambition and tenacity.

To build himself up, the Zimbabwean-born entrepreneur tried starting a farm in his village of Masvingo. Machana worked his way to acquiring and trading almost 30 cattle, but soon began running at a loss.


So he sold everything and opened a food market instead. That didn’t get off the ground either. Dismayed but determined, Machana left home and hopped on a bus to South Africa.

Though permanent positions were initially difficult to come by, Machana survived on temporary jobs until he was employed by Themba Trees in Elgin, Cape Town.

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The farm grows a range of local and exotic plants. Machana worked as a gardener and expanded his knowledge by studying vegetation after the day’s work was done.

His efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Within two years, Machana was promoted to nursery manager and now has over 50 000 trees in his care.

Despite his arduous journey, Machana is still looking for ways to grow. He’s dedicated to educating himself further and hopes to someday run his own farm.

In the meantime, Machana is proving that it doesn’t matter how many times you have to start over. Push through adversity with confidence. You will bloom.