Poultry farming: not for headless chickens

Poultry farming may look easy to outsiders but it takes a lot of hard work to sustain the business.

They’re the vampires of the animal kingdom. With large pointed ears and skeletal fingers, bats are erroneously believed to be evil, bloodthirsty vessels of disease.

Good financial health may be hard to achieve, but it is not impossible, especially if people are taught how to manage their money from a young age.

AgriPlanner grows farmers AgriPlanner grows farmers

Once an unemployed rural farmer, Nokwanda Nkqayi (64) is now one of thousands of women who have been empowered to ...

Election brings relief to school in crisis Election brings relief to school in crisis

Election Lethiba (25) is an everyday hero. He answered a local school’s call for help and fixed over 100 desks for ...