Here are five things AKA regrets

AKA talks about his regrets throughout his decade-long career, and some of his plans for the future.
AKA talks about his regrets throughout his decade-long career, and some of his plans for the future.
Image: Via AKA's Instagram

Dubbed as an artist who always rises above his controversies and failures, hip hop heavyweight AKA has opened up about five things he regrets from his career as a rapper.

The Don't Forget To Pray hitmaker candidly shared his list of regrets in an interview on SlikourOnLife.

With a career spanning more than a decade, the Supa Mega revealed that never learning to play the piano was the biggest mistake he made as he believes he would've been a killa rapper with mad keyboard moves.  

“If I would've learnt how to play the piano, maybe I would've become a very different artist. I would've been able to sit down and be like an anything, like a John Legend or something ... I'd be able to have a profound effect in the way I produce music and add many years to my craft.”

He also listed more regrets, things he wished he had equipped himself with before stepping into the music scene and starting a career as a rapper.

Here's what the rapper had to say:

1. Never learning to play the piano is my biggest mistake which I don't think I'm interested in doing now.
2. I wish I learnt earlier to read the fine print in contracts.
3. I wish I learnt how to save money earlier ... to be better with money.
4. I wish I realised earlier [in my career] that it's all entertainment ... it's all a façade and not to take things personally, as it's part of being in the game. [I wish I knew sooner] to learn it, absorb it and get over it now! 
5. I wish I learnt earlier that you could never ever please everybody! 

Though he may have some regrets regarding his career, one move AKA might not have any penitence with is his recent money step.

On Wednesday, the Supa Mega announced that he was now part owner of his very own spot, Cuba BLK, which is located at the Moses Mabhida Stadium Complex, Durban.

He took to Twitter to share the news of his new business venture that will see patrons socialising at the posh restaurant and nightclub.  

In a statement provided to TshisaLIVE, the rapper credited the lockdown for helping him rethink his brand as an entertainer in SA

“Besides finding myself labouring in the kitchen for my meals, lockdown for me personally was a period for me to think and rethink, plan and implement changes in my approach to how I maximise on the time I have at the peak.

“That's why I initiated the AKA App and the Braai Show. Through these initiatives I thought deeper and looked around for more ways to cash in — and one of those is acquiring a big stake of Cuba Lounge, to bring you Cuba BLK, in Durban.”