Time to reflect and built a great Africa


Africa is one of the most beautiful continents in the world, if not the finest. This piece of land is home to many great men and women. But still when so many African countries are liberated and in freedom and democracy, the mother land is still faced with civil wars, corruption, HIV/AIDS and poverty, among many bad things that give it a bad name.

Home to Nelson Mandela, Robert Sobukwe, Thomas Sankara and many great sons of the soil, this land of our ancestors is hugely troubled and does not move forward or improve. It’s time to reflect.

African leaders have failed to provide solid leadership and direction, sadly many have been caught up in corruption, dictatorship which seem to be the biggest demons that keep us in one position when continents like America are developing.

It’s a fact that can’t be challenged that we have some of the greatest minds and talent, but we fail to utilise it. From the south to the north, leaders have shown hunger for power than the interests of the poor – the people on the ground.

Liberation movements are slowly becoming irrelevant and less popular because they have drifted from their core values. We must go back to our roots motivated by ubuntu, respect and dedication in our quest to redefine Africa.

We must not dwell on the pains of colonisation, but we must not forget where we come from. We should not blame apartheid for our laziness, we are in control now.

Africa belongs to Africans and those who live in it.

Lonwabo Busakwe, Driftsands, Cape Town 

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