Will the cycle of women abuse ever stop?

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It never rains but pours, as there appears to be no change in matters touching on and affecting women abuse.

This scourge is an unwelcome visitor that must be fought with vigour and a vengeance once and for all. This is not a tendency but a stupid, pathetic, useless South African culture and phenomenon.

And all these women abuse anecdotes just make me sick.

Despite all the wonderful efforts by People Opposing Women Abuse (Powa), it's a sad and unfortunate reality that this powerful message still falls on deaf ears.

Have we accepted that abuse of women is normal? You be the judge.

At workplaces, bosses take advantage of their seniority and have turned into sex beasts, animals, predators.

The home, where women should feel safest and enjoy comfort, has been turned into a battlefield. Spouses, boyfriends, partners and husbands have turned themselves into monsters.

Can someone give me a sound justification for women abuse? There's none.

Men of today are insecure, incomplete, useless, selfish cowards and they fast need to understand and learn to live with the fact that times have changed. How do you beat and cross-examine a wife who brings home a whole leg of pig and you only bring home slices of bacon?

Have we ever wondered why the women of today are so reluctant to commit to long-term relationships? It's simply because they don't want to lose their integrity, dignity, happiness and freedom. Once married, it's like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, and worse, being remote-controlled. They just don't want that.

Gone are the days when women's versatility and cooking skills were shown in the kitchen and they viewed marriage as the biggest achievement in their lives. Today's women are independent and empowered to buy themselves anything their hearts desire.

Women abuse must fall. Enough is enough! As a man, l bow my head in shame.

McDivett Kumbulani Tshehla
Halfway House

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