Limiting consumption of alcohol at football events one way to fix thuggery


Video footage has gone viral on social media of the chaos that erupted after Kaizer Chiefs lost to Free State Stars on Saturday at Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Football authorities must seek a lasting solution to this hooliganism, which has been rampant for far too long.

The solution is not complicated. Rotate a mix of uniformed and armed plain-clothes officers in and around the stadiums.

Limiting alcohol consumption at football events is one of the best ways to limit football hooliganism. Though you can never ban alcohol consumption altogether, restricting intoxicated fans from entering the grounds as well as limiting the serving of alcohol at the events is a great way to start.

Football authorities should make the management of the clubs pay for the damage caused. The rule where teams play in empty stadiums whenever their fans misbehave should be applied to Chiefs and any other club whose fans are denying the rest of us the joy of watching good football.

We should also have a media campaign designed to reduce violence - have authorities hold a workshop on the topics of aggression and violence in order to better understand how to prevent it. We as fans must play a part as well. It is our duty to alert security to potential threats.

Saif Soofie

Sherwood, Durban