Rapists must never return from jail


In the movie Black Butterfly (2010), a talented 16-year-old girl, Ariel, has a dream of making the women's US swim team, an achievement that could change her life for the better.

Ariel is saving herself for marriage and works hard to realise her dream. One day, while walking back from practice, she is brutally raped by her father's colleague.

The ordeal lives her traumatised and frightened to talk to anyone for fear of endangering the lives of her loved ones.

Her relationships with her family and community suffer as a result of this incident and she develops a resentment towards men.

Sex offenders deserve a harsher punishment than what they are currently getting.

I am of the view that any person who is found guilty of rape should spend the rest of their life behind bars.

It's not fair that rapists should receive a light sentence and regain entry into society after serving a few years. Research indicates that the experience of being raped can lead to suicidal behaviour.

Rape victims carry the wound long after the incident has occurred, resulting in feelings of shame and resentment, and these symptoms can be chronic.

Sex offenders are a threat to society. Sexual abuse is a strong violation of another person's human rights and dignity, and we cannot afford to have perpetrators roaming our streets.

While offenders may be rehabilitated in prison, the victims may never fully recover from the trauma, therefore, the punishment must fit the crime.

Potential offenders must know that the crime will be severely punished.
A fitting sentence would deter them from committing this inhumane act.

Kgomotso Ngwenyama, e-mail

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