How we let heterosexuality destroy plight of women

Caster Semenya
Caster Semenya

There is a lovely little movie called Legally Blonde, which titillates the fantasies of white feminism.

You know, be a pretty, fair-haired girl with a gaggle of multiracial friends and exotic pets. The perfect (and often pink) starter pack in La-La Land for the supreme agent of change.

We see the same fleet of young, heeled superstars on Game of Thrones, Charlie's Angels and just about any movie that escapes the idea that women of colour can affect change.

But, I digress. Legally Blonde taught us a valuable lesson about how we tend to apply prejudices, especially in an era where reality superstar Kim Kardashian-West is using her influence to affect social change.

The idea that a young woman, famous for being naked and fussing over clothes for a living, could become a lawyer is somewhat insulting.

Instead of celebrating Kim as a talented up-and-coming lawyer, those in critique choose to belittle her to the status of that crazy Armenian girl from Beverly Hills who starred in some raunchy sex tape.

This reminded me a lot of Caster Semenya's plight, a topic I have ignored due to an element society chooses to ignore.

Caster will never fit into a simple box of pink vs blue, feminine vs masculine or boy vs girl.

Caster has always been a member of the LGBTQI+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex) community - an intersex woman.

By ignoring this and comparing her figure to that of other masculine female runners, Caster's plight becomes a pill much easier to swallow.

It becomes easier to fight for a member of the LGBTQI+ community without addressing one's unchecked homophobia.

Kim Kardashian-West will always be the untalented reality star famous for doing nothing.

No-one will ever accept that she has been able to build a beauty empire, launch a career in social influence and become a reputable lawyer in practice.

No matter what social impact or change Kim makes, her power and ability will always be belittled to that of some ditsy Beverly Hills girl.

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