Actress Keke Mphuthi on expecting: 'It's my biggest blessing'

Keke Mphuthi is expecting!
Keke Mphuthi is expecting!
Image: Instagram/ Keke Mphuthi

While many celebs have confirmed news of their pregnancies with snaps of them holding their bellies, Unmarried actress Keke Mphuthi has gone to a whole new level by announcing the good news dressed in nothing but doughnuts and a panty.

The star took to social media on Wednesday to post a pic of herself really enjoying a sweet treat, her belly on full display.

Reflecting on the news, Keke called her unborn baby her “biggest blessing” and said she and her partner had prayed for the little one “day and night”.

On Instagram stories, Keke wrote about her friends’ relief at the news.

“That moment when your friends are like ‘finally’,” she wrote next to a pregnant woman emoji and another pic of her holding her belly.