Divorced? Jo-Anne Reyneke doesn’t have time for 'small-minded' trolls

Jo-Anne Reyneke is gatvol of ignorant followers.
Jo-Anne Reyneke is gatvol of ignorant followers.
Image: Instagram/ Jo-Anne Reyneke

All actress Jo-Anne Reyneke wanted to do was live her best life in peace, but the star had to put an "ignorant" troll straight this week. 

You see, it's been almost a year since Jo-Anne and her ex Thami Mngqolo announced their split and fans still won't leave her in peace.

Baby girl recently posted a snap of her posing topless with a smile on her face and a caption about self-love.

But like a cash in transit heist someone tried to derail the post and claimed that since her "divorce" she's been posting "these kinds of pictures" for the world to see.

"You got divorced. Then, jiki jiki, you are out here posting these kind of pictures. It must be nice now huh? Hai," the troll said.

The problem is that if you're coming for Jo-Anne, you better have the right slips.

First of all, sis wasn't married and she was about to let her hater know.

"There's nothing nicer than talking about sh*t you know. I've never been married, so obviously I've never been divorced." 

Second of all, she ain't here for happiness thieves and clapped back hard. 

"If my happiness somehow is hurting you, please unfollow, ngoba vele. I don't have space for small-minded people like you. On that note, you are a very beautiful girl and I hope life treats you well."