The Mabuzas sell scarves? Nah‚ Mmabatho is hilariously naive!

Image: Instagram

The whole of Mzansi is yet to meet a character more naive than The Queen's Mmabatho and last night's episode confirmed it!

Yoh! The girl is as naive as they come!

Look‚ since Mmabatho (played by Motsoaledi Setumo) came to the show‚ she's had to have reality slowly explained to her from the fairy land she clearly used to live in. From finding out that men cheat‚ to having her virginity taken‚ only to be dumped days later and now finding out that her family sell drugs. Issa lot.

She also found out that drug money got her through school and maintains her lavish lifestyle. That wasn't the worst part. The worst part was she actually thought TGOM and the Mabuza family made money off selling scarves! Scarves fam...

Twitter went in with the memes:

To put the final nail into the coffin‚ Mmabatho then dragged her naive self back to the Khoza's to ask for forgiveness from Shaka... yes for the millionth time.

*insert long eye roll here*

First of all‚ they sell drugs too. Secondly‚ how many times will she do this back and forth thing with Shaka?

And‚ finally the reaction from the Khozas deserves an Oscar‚ struu!