'Who dat?' — Lil Kim blue ticking Nicki Minaj is the spiciest thing ever

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Lil Kim is P.E.T.T.Y. when it comes to the female rap beef‚ saying in an interview that she doesn't know who Nicki Minaj is.

The two rappers have BEEN fighting‚ but with Cardi B on the block‚ the attention has shifted to possible beef between Nicki and Cardi.

Lil Kim has been sitting on the sidelines but made her play this week when she was asked if she was #TeamNicki or #TeamCardi.

Her response had more spice than a curry shop. Cava.

Now #LilKim you know who #NickiMinaj is 😩 via: @entertainmenttonight

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Interviewer: What do you make of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj

Lil Kim: Cardi is my girl. I don't know the other one. Cardi is my girl and so I am so excited for my girl‚ Cardi. I can't wait for her to have the baby. I love you‚ Cardi!


Dala what you must‚ the streets were filled with reaction to the clip as they went to war over whether sis was being disrespectful or leadership.

We just grabbed the popcorn and watched the comments fly...

The beef between Nicki and Lil Kim got real heated when they traded verbal blows during concerts in 2010‚ but may even date back to Nicki's 2007 mixtape that looked hella close to one that Lil Kim had done nearly ten years earlier.

Needless to say‚ it's BEEN a mess and we're not sure this beef is ever going to be put in the freezer.