Isidingo’s Soso Rungqu has no regret about taking a TV break to look after her dad

Soso Rungqu
Image: Veli Nhlapo

Isidingo actress Soso Rungqu may have been on the verge of becoming one of Mzansi's biggest talents when she decided to pack it all up to look after her sick father‚ but she has no regrets.

Rungqu has won over audiences with her role as Morongwa on SABC 3 soapie Isidingo and told Afternoon Express presenter Bonnie Mbuli this week that many assume she is a new actress on the scene‚ not knowing that she has been working this ladder.

"A lot of people think that I am a new kid on the block because of this big role I took me ten years to get that (her role on Isidingo).

Part of that time she spent with her father‚ who was sickly. Speaking to Drum earlier this year‚ Soso explained that her father had dementia and couldn't walk in the months leading to his death in 2015.

"I had to give up the hustle and live (at) home for three years. My father would sometimes spend weeks and months in the hospital. Then he would be better and laugh‚ then the next thing he had dementia or couldn't walk. If it wasn't diabetes‚ epilepsy‚ kidney failure‚ hypertension or blood clots in the brain‚ it was something else. One day his body couldn't take it anymore and it shut down."

She told Bonnie that he was the most incredible man in the world and she had no regrets about putting her career on ice to be with him.

"There is nothing I regret‚ about anything that has happened in my past... I would do it all over again... That is what I needed. So‚ now when people try to mess you around‚ you are like: 'Oh‚ is that the best you can do? I have been dealing with things like this for a very long time.'"

Rungqu opened up about her heartbreak a year after her father's death‚ telling Move that he was her "number one supporter" and his death hit her hard.

"Losing someone you love is never easy‚ but I believe that when God takes‚ he also gives‚" she added.