Khaya Dladla is not GC nor is he GD but he's twice as interesting #struu

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As an actor you do your best to let your role flourish as much as it can‚ however‚ for Uzalo's Khaya Dladla‚ GC threatened to completely overshadow his multi-talented self and he had to stop him before it was too late.

Just as Bonang is famous enough to set fire to catch phrases like 'Mogirl'‚ GC has enough power to make Uzalo trend for his broken English phrases like "what a difficult".

That is power.

But for the sake of his multi-faceted career plans‚ Dladla had to make sure his personal brand doesn't suffocate due to GC's fame.

"It got so bad that I had to go to a whole media junket so I could introduce myself properly to SA and the world‚ as Khaya. I had to do that to express the Khaya brand because GC is very popular where else Khaya wasn't as well known."

The Uzalo actor explained that his on-screen character got so popular that it threatened to overtake his life. He also said that while he loves bringing GC to life‚ he had to be careful no to let him take over his brand.

For example‚ while you are most likely to find GC at a shisanyama and Gold Diva somewhere in Rosebank ordering things she can't pronounce‚ Dladla says he's of a lover all things seafood.

Yes hunny... people of 'em "acquired taste".

But people who look at him and see GC would never think so.

So despite visible differences between Dladla and his alter egos‚ he told TshisaLIVE that he is actually just a basic hard working artist and all he wants is not to be limited in his options in the industry.

He has since bagged presenting gigs and has a radio gig in the pipeline‚ all as part of making Khaya a household name.

"People don't necessarily know Khaya. But I feel like they will eventually get to it at some point. Some people are getting it and some people not yet‚ but it's an ongoing process. I am a very basic person - just a hard working artist. I'm not a celebrity‚ I just need work."

"I am not actually afraid that GC or Gold Diva will take over because Khaya is the core. He is the real me and the source for the TV roles I play and will play as well as of social media alter-ego. It might take a while for people to get it but I am confident that they will."

And just in case you need to see the difference in the three in one.

This is Uzalo's GC. He lives on your TV.


This is social media's GD aka Gold Diva. The female version of GC‚ she lives on Insta.

This is Khaya. The actor‚ presenter and singer. He's real life and is fabulous!